Burdinberri strives to be a sustainable company, in other words, to be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable in keeping with EU directives. We therefore believe that Burdinberri will only be sustainable if it “generates wellbeing” for its shareholders, for its employees and for the community in which it is based.


– “We will only be sustainable if we are competitive, in other words, if the market buys our products over time”, We therefore believe that Burdinberri must offer the best quality, price and lead time.
Quality, by offering advanced products that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and forge a portfolio of satisfied customers.
Price, by providing a good quality-price ratio based on good management of the whole chain from planning to delivery. Processes designed to get it right the first time, thus eliminating reprocessing and idle time, with competent workers and good machinery.
Lead time, by offering good delivery times based on advanced coordination and planning.
Burdinberri systems directly related to economic sustainability: Advanced Application of 5S, ISO 9001 Certification, 9100 Certification and the use of modern machinery.

– “Only companies that are productive and environmentally responsible have a future within the EU”, Burdinberri therefore manages its operations with the focus on ensuring the lowest environmental impact.
Managing and planning BurdInberri activities involve cutting the company’s carbon footprint: energy efficiency of its facilities and processes, reducing consumption of materials, waste management, etc.  
Burdinberri systems directly related to environmental sustainability: ISO 14001 certification (in progress), energy efficiency plans, 5S process re-engineering.
– “Only companies that generate positive links with their environment are sustainable”, Burdinberri therefore fosters a healthy relationship with its employees and its immediate environment.
Burdinberri systems directly related to social sustainability: ISO 14001 certification (in progress), ongoing training plans for employees, Equality Plan.


CSR is a lynchpin for Burdinberri

“The main global trends such as climate change, lack of resources, demographic development, technological advances and social inequality are going to significantly influence markets, companies and society in general, and will have implications for companies in terms of risks and opportunities that must be assessed and considered. In order to provide our customer with solutions in a socially responsible way, Burdinberri is driving the analysis and monitoring of aspects related to environmental, social and governance issues and integrating them in our usual procedures”.

Our ESG reflects Burdinberri’s approach to environmental, social and governance management in order to generate sustainable and socially responsible value.

Burdinberri is striving to improve its sustainable performance and include ESG considerations in all its activities. Special emphasis and care is given to the following areas:

  • - Human rights and social issues: Burdinberri guarantees equal opportunities.
  • - Bribery and corruption: Burdinberri prohibits any type of bribery and corruption and encourages ethical conduct within the company.
  • - Labour rights: Burdinberri guarantees compliance of the applicable labour legislation, supports the payment of fair wages and ensures a healthy and safe workplace.
  • - Natural capital, climate change and respecting the environment: Burdinberri recognises the importance of keeping ecosystems healthy for the wellbeing of future generations. Burdinberri prioritises the precautionary principle of “not damaging the environment”, by assessing its environmental impacts, reducing its footprint and improving its sustainable performance.