Our goal is to turn ideas into reality by fulfilling the objectives with the required quality.

Our objective as manufacturers is to offer a comprehensive service. To this end, we undertake the initial phase of conceptual study, calculation, 3D design and generating the documentation necessary to offer a finished product.

We have been designing for more than 35 years and, by collaborating with our customers, we develop ideas and processes that culminate in a product that fulfils the defined objectives and the required quality.

As manufacturers, for those "Built to print" products we put our technical office at the service of our customers to launch and manage the manufacture of their products and to facilitate the relationship between their engineering and our manufacturing team until final acceptance.


Aerospace Industry

Spain is involved in a large number of international space programmes with a high technological contribution.

Aeronautics Industry

Burdinberri has many years of experience at the service of the aeronautical industry.

Automotive Industry

Since its inception, Burdinberri has been involved in and collaborated with this sector. Today we can offer you many years of experience.

Shipbuilding Industry

Burdinberri is involved in this sector, having specialised in the manufacture of ballast systems such as dagger boards, bulbs, etc.

Nuclear Power Industry

We are suppliers of various parts that meet the strict quality control and process requirements of this demanding sector.

Wind Power Industry

Our recent investments in state-of-the-art machinery and tools allow us to continue to supply highly reliable products.

Rail Industry

Our facilities and machinery allow us to manufacture parts and panels of large dimensions.


With our extensive manufacturing capacity, innovative approach  and openness to diversification, Burdinberri has been involved in the development and manufacture of a multitude of products for other sectors. (Defence, equipment, etc.)