The quality equipment we have allows us to manufacture products that ensure compliance with the requirements to the hundredth.

With ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN9100:2018 certification, Burdinberri ensures the highest levels of quality and satisfaction for our customers.

Our Quality and Dimensional Inspection departments ensure compliance with specification requirements, design standards and tolerances.

We have a complete Quality and Inspection department equipped with the latest 3D measurement technology and laser measurement. This allows us to manufacture to tight tolerances, from small parts to the largest.

You can see the capabilities included in our media here.


Nuclear Power Industry

We are suppliers of various parts that meet the strict quality control and process requirements of this demanding sector.

Aeronautics Industry

Burdinberri has many years of experience at the service of the aeronautical industry.

Aerospace Industry

Spain is involved in a large number of international space programmes with a high technological contribution.

Automotive Industry

Since its inception, Burdinberri has been involved in and collaborated with this sector. Today we can offer you many years of experience.

Shipbuilding Industry

Burdinberri is involved in this sector, having specialised in the manufacture of ballast systems such as dagger boards, bulbs, etc.

Wind Power Industry

Our recent investments in state-of-the-art machinery and tools allow us to continue to supply highly reliable products.

Rail Industry

Our facilities and machinery allow us to manufacture parts and panels of large dimensions.


With our extensive manufacturing capacity, innovative approach  and openness to diversification, Burdinberri has been involved in the development and manufacture of a multitude of products for other sectors. (Defence, equipment, etc.)