Aeronautics Industry


Burdinberri has many years of experience at the service of the aeronautical industry.

We have the knowledge to ensure that our tools meet the needs of our customer. Our versatility and diversity allows us to design and manufacture multiple types of tools that ensure safety, proper operation and ease of use.

We are manufacturers of some of the most complex and largest tools for producing carbon fibre aircraft structures.

With a well-established presence and extensive participation in a multitude of aeronautical programmes, we are able to respond to the demanding requirements of the sector.


Comprehensive service

We have the resources and experience to provide a fast, efficient and profitable turnkey service.


Our goal is to turn ideas into reality by fulfilling the objectives with the required quality.


The quality equipment we have allows us to manufacture products that ensure compliance with the requirements to the hundredth.

Assembly and fine-tuning

Our equipment accumulates more than 50,000 hours of production to achieve the best deadlines.


We have been working on large-scale projects with precision using a variety of materials since 1984.